Who are we?

We are committed school leaders who aspire to be head teachers. We are also committed parents, partners and members of the community. We believe that carefully matched job shares allow us to be both. 

We believe that sharing a leadership responsibility with the right partner results in more energy, accountability and impact. We believe that the combined experience of two dedicated leaders offers their school greater wisdom and our members richer opportunity for personal and professional growth.

We believe shared school leadership will result in head-teachers with more positivity and resilience over the longer-term.

We are facing a headship crisis in UK schools. This is expected to worsen over the coming decade. To address this, for our students, schools and communities, creative thinking about school leadership is required.

The Shared Headship Network is part of the solution!

Who are we for?

  • Serving Headteachers interested in job-sharing
  • Aspiring Headteachers looking for their first headship as a jobshare
  • Senior Leaders looking to job share in a current or new role 
  • Middle Leaders who are looking for their first Senior Leadership team position as a jobshare

What do we offer?


We provide the structure for strong school leaders to meet professional partners who share their vision and values. We support our members to apply, interview and configure their job-share to best fit their school’s needs. We offer our members professional coaching throughout this process and during their first year job-sharing. We are currently London based but are ambitious for the network to grow and we are keen to hear from potential network members from all over the UK. 

culture change

We work to change the culture within schools and the education sector to shared leadership. We work to ensure that senior leadership roles are advertised routinely as ‘open to job-share applications’.

flexible working in education

We are enthusiastic participants in the movement towards more flexible working in the education sector. We research and share case-studies of successful shared leadership in all sectors. We use the fruits of this research to better equip our members for success. We are proud to play our part in enabling women to flourish in leadership positions.